Vietnam cycling holiday  – ” Tet tour ” Traditional new year ( 10 days )
If you’re looking for best time visit Vietnam, and arguably the best tour of Vietnam period, this is it “ Tet “ cycling tour. Less than of most popular cycling trip, this tour is more of a cultural exploration on two wheels during Vietnam’s festive Tet period.

The festivities of Tét — the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, which will add a unique, celebratory backdrop to our trip. This special holiday period is an eagerly anticipated week-long celebration much like Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. Tét is a time for prayer, ritual, feasting and good times. The transition from winter into spring is a time for settling accounts, of spiritual renewal, and when new crops are planted in anticipation of an ever greater harvest. All over Vietnam traffic disappears as families stay home to prepare special gifts and foods. The bright sprigs of the yellow-blossomed Mai tree are displayed everywhere and kumquat trees bearing orange fruit are proudly carted home. It is a wonderful time to travel in Vietnam, not only for the emptier roads and great weather, but also the joyous mood, welcoming and celebratory atmosphere. Price : 1,758 USD/person ,  

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